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natural spa

in viterbo

Source of youth, beauty and healing.

Play early! Boost your respiratory tract and your immune defenses.

why come
to therma oasi
of viterbo

The thermal baths are naturally fed by the sources of the high structural Oasi, at a temperature of 65°C, bacteriologically pure.

With the balneotherapy in the spring water of Therma Oasi of Viterbo, you are the first to receive alla the benefits, thanks to the natural inhalations of the vapors while the body takes from 1L to 1.5L of mineral salts.

Pure energy from the depths of the earth.

Stimulate the energy system, rediscover physical and spiritual harmony by exploring the thermal baths, immersed in beneficial mineral salts, in their warmth, in the sound of spring water vibrations.

Bagno alle Terme di Viterbo Oasi
Terme a Viterbo antivirali
Terme naturali
natural spa
Terme a viterbo con proprietà antinfiammatorie
the benefits
of our thermal

Algae are very important for dermocosmetics and cannot be produced in the laboratory.

The Oasis algae have the same characteristics of mud and balneotherapy but with much more relevant and evident therapeutic effects.

The best results are obtained by combining algae with balneotherapy for a total of 12/20 applications.

Sulphurous waters are mineral waters with a characteristic smell of rotten eggs due to the considerable content of hydrogen sulphide (H2S),

an extremely volatile gas that represents the most important active ingredient able to prevent diseases such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, arthritis, aging, ecc...

It is also effective against psoriasis, dermatitis, erythema and improves muscle and all-tissue elasticity.

While relaxing in the beneficial waters, inhale the vapors that disinfect the nose, mouth and lungs with healing properties.

New studies have also identified antivirus and anticancer properties.

The biological effects of sulphurous waters occur locally and compound:

Effects at local level, on skin and mucous:

Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-catheter action on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and the digestive system.

Action to strengthen the immune defences in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract

exfoliating and restorative action on the skin.

General effects:

Stimulation on the parasympathetic nervous system.

Dilatation vessel effect on the capillary circulation.

Terme certificate dal ministreo della salute
of health

Department of Public Health and Innovation, decrees that the therapeutic properties of natural mineral water "Oasi" are recognized, arising in the context of the mining concession called "Oasi" located in the territory of the municipality of Viterbo, for balneotherapy and mud therapy in the treatment and rehabilitation of rheumatological and orthopedic diseases and in the treatment of peripheral, dermatological and gynecological vascular diseases.

Test universitari sulle terme di viterbo oasi
university of naples federico ii

Evaluation of chemical, chemical-physical and microbiological characteristics of the water called "Oasis".

The water called "Oasi" can be classified as natural mineral water, hyper-thermal 65 ° C,

naturally carbonated, rich in mineral salts, containing bicarbonate, sulfate, calcium, magnesia,

fluoridated, ferruginous, acidulous, microbiologically pure.

According to current legislation, by Decree Law January 25, 1992 No. 105 on the use and marketing of mineral waters,

it is possible to attribute to the water "Oasis" the following characteristics:

  • hyper-thermal because the temperature is > 40°C (Marotta and Sica classifications)

  • naturally carbonated as the free carbon dioxide is > 250 mg/L

  • rich in mineral salts since the fixed residue at 180° is > 1500 mg/L

  • containing bicarbonate as this parameter is in concentration of > 600 mg/L

  • sulphate as the sulphate ion is present in concentration of > 200 mg/L

  • calcium as the calcium ion is present in concentration of > 150 mg/L

  • magnesium since the magnesium ion is present in concentration of > 50 mg/L

  • fluoridated as the ion fluoride is present in concentration of > 1 mg/L

  • sulphurous as it contains hydrogen sulphide

  • acidulous because the free carbon dioxide is > 250 mg/L

  • microbiologically pure as the absence of microbial contamination is demonstrated

concessione termale della regione Lazio
lazio region

"Oasi" mineral water concession

n°C0849 Lazio Region.

the certifications
of our water

We are in Viterbo,

beautiful, unspoiled city with ancient traditions.

Monday - Saturday: 09.30 - 19.00

Saturday evening opening: 20.00 - 24.00